Do You Know MO? is a fast-paced quiz show played live at your location by your students. Presented by high-energy performers, this interactive show tests students’ knowledge of the Show-Me State.

The action includes stimulating questions posed to student contestants, with audience participation games held between rounds. Multiple rounds of Q&A highlight content like famous Missourians, native wildlife, historic places, and bizarre facts.

It all leads to a riveting finale where the winner claims a copy of the highly informative and entertaining guidebook Missouri Almanac 2018-19 (the not-so-secret source for game answers!)

What better way to excite your kids as they learn about Missouri? Lock in a date for your school to play Do You Know MO?


Julie Bingham, Principal St. Mark Catholic School

“Do You Know MO?” is an exciting game show that is unlike the typical assemblies that come to schools. The lights, buzzers, and engaging actors held the students’ attention throughout the show and they continued talking about it well after. It was very educational, yet fun and captivating. The students were eager to participate and the game show did a great job of piquing the interest of a wide range of ages.

Working with the “Do You Know MO” team was easy and painless. They provided pre-show study guides and were able to adapt the show to the needs of our school. They arrived on time, set up and broke down the show without any assistance from the school. We would happily welcome “Do You Know MO” back to our school and highly recommend this to other schools.

"...educational, fun, captivating."

Karen Folk, Principal Holy Cross Academy, St. Michael Campus

"Students of all ages were captivated."

“Do You Know MO?” is an engaging, interactive, educational presentation in the format of a live gameshow.  Students of all ages were captivated by the lights, buzzers, hosts, and prizes throughout the show. Even the faculty and staff enjoyed the learning experience.  What a great way to teach and learn about our great state of Missouri. I know I had fun and learned myself.