What age group(s) would enjoy and benefit from the show?

The show is geared toward kids K-8 and can be adjusted for audiences of all ages.

How do our students and teachers get ready for the show?

A week before the live performance, the school receives a copy of the Missouri Almanac 2018-19 along with a study guide with answer clues. The teachers can then warm-up the class leading up to the show.

What do we do the day of?

Nothing! Just point us to the spot and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll just need 30 minutes to set up and 20 minutes to pack up after. The show can be performed in any space. We bring the performers, the set, the equipment, and everything else.You bring in the kids just before showtime, and off we go!

How long is show?

40 minutes

What does this pricing include?

The performance(s), study guide, and a copy of the Missouri Almanac 2018-19. Additional copies of the book are available at a discount.